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WES Submission Form

Please use this form to submit your WES score.

Submitting logfiles

While not a requirement, you are encouraged to also submit a log file with all your QSO's from the sprint. I plan to develop software that can analyze the submitted logs and not only calculate your score, but also generate all sorts of interesting statistics and data, for example an interactive Google map with all the QSO's of the sprint, to visualize the propagation etc. This will take some time but it's essential to have some data to work with, so even though at this time, the logs will only be stored for later processing, please do submit one if you possibly can.

Logs can be submitted in either ADIF (preferred) or Cabrillo format. Most logging programs support at least one of these. The SKCC number of the DX station should be entered into the "SRX" (serial number received) field if using ADIF. For Cabrillo logs, a suitable template will be made available at a later time. There aren't any specific requirements for metadata in the logs, as most of this can be extracted from the other data on the submission form.

Entry form for WES - The SKCC Weekend Sprintathon

If you submit and later realize that you have made a mistake, you can return to this page and simply resubmit (provided the submit window is still open). If you resubmit, all scoring data must be entered again, but if you don't have any changes to your soapbox text and/or picture, you may leave them blank to reuse them from your prior submission. A later submission takes precedence over an earlier one. Your submission will be entered into the database, and will be visible on the results page immediately. Your soapbox comments and/or picture will be visible when they have been checked and approved.

If you run into any problems with submitting your score, please use the feedback form to let me know about any problem and corrective action will be taken.

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