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Please see the WES page on the SKCC website for all details.

The SKCC WES is a 24-hour sprint that occurs on the second Sunday of each month, starting at 0000 UTC. The 24-hour time span was created to allow operators to fit some operating time into their busy lives.

Some of the events focus on a particular theme or activity. Three popular themes that repeat each year are Homebrew Keys, QRP, and Boat Anchors. Some themes may have special rules and scoring. Announcements about themes and special rules are made via email notice to the SKCC's group on Yahoo.

Participants in the WES should use straight keys, sideswipers (cooties), or bugs. Exceptions are granted to those with physical disabilities that prevent the use of such keys.

The sprintathon also has an entry category for shortwave listeners, who are cordially invited to join the fun.

Many operators treat WES as a contest. But WES is rather informal. Its main goal is to bring together operators with different skill levels. Operating speed should be adjusted accordingly.

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